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 Final Fantasy VII - Fundraiser Marathon!

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy VII - Fundraiser Marathon!   Wed May 26, 2010 12:12 pm

Final Fantasy VII - Fundraiser Marathon

So I'm kinda in a bad situation right now with a couple of financial problems. So I decided to do a fundraiser marathon which might help me out for the time being till I get things straight out. If you wish to donate and help out there will be a "Chip In" on the lower part of the stream and I appreciate and thank you for doing so. Smile

The Game: Final Fantasy VII (PSX)

The Mission: Play & BEAT Final Fantasy VII in one sitting, meaning I will be playing this game all day and night within 48 hours without stopping.

The Goal: Raise $350

When?: 5/29/2010 - This Saturday

Hope to see everyone there & enjoy the marathon.
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Final Fantasy VII - Fundraiser Marathon!
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