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PostSubject: All Skill Gaming jad5505   Sun May 16, 2010 2:22 am

"Hello." Short and Simple.

Life stories are long and boring, so I'll just say that I was born July 28, 1993 and I do understand (some) Japanese meaning Katakana and some Hiragana, so I can somewhat translate JAP games but not Understand what they say the vast majority of the time. I know absolutely NO KANJI as I only took Japanese my Freshman year.

However, I do have a YouTube account, Veoh account, and a Justin.TV account. (Same Name - jad5505)

Xbox360 (Regular with 60GB HardDrive)
Original Playstation Portable (Black)
PS2 (2 PSone Memory Cards/2 PS2 Memory Cards)
PS3 (Don't really use it much because it's actually my Uncle's)
GBAsp (Just so I can play original Gameboy Color Games)
Nintendo DS Lite x2 (One is completely obliterated but the bottom screen still works, the other is new)
Wii (2 Gamecube Memory Cards/Controllers)

Games I Enjoy/Play:
Kingdom Hearts (ALL)
Pokemon (VGC Battles Only, I could have went this year but I didn't have a Hotel, funny thing is the guy I was going to go with topped 4, got a DSi, so he's going to Nationals without me this year)
Digimon (ALL - Don't be Hatin')
Supersmash Bros. (Only good game for Wii?)
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Teh Sauce

Teh Sauce

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PostSubject: Re: All Skill Gaming jad5505   Sun May 16, 2010 10:36 am

Lots of consoles ya got there buddy. Not bad. It's nice to have another pokemon person here, Welcome.
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All Skill Gaming jad5505
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